Communications + PR: What’s Goin’ On

How do you keep the people working toward your mission aware of what’s going on in your office?  Many administrators think that there are too many meetings — and most likely there are — but which ones to cut and which ones to keep is the question.  KEEP the roundtable 1-2 minute update.  It is so important that staff know what one another is doing.  It is important for work integration, productivity, trouble-shooting, buy-in and keeping communal eyes on the prize.  Figure out the sched that works for you and stick to it.  I know one place that has check-in with all folks standing — that’ll keep a meeting short!  Another provides food and drink –that keeps it relaxed and easy.  Most operate somewhere in between. Have the meeting regularly, support one another, wish everyone well in the work they are doing and send them off.

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