Communications + PR: Sustainable (Human) Energy

All this talk about sustainable energy, the environment and nature  is a of critical importance.  (And I refer you to my husband, Mike Weilbacher’s  blog, Natural Selections.)

But what about sustainable HUMAN energy.  How can we work efficiently, while working well and doing good?   Seeing time and energy as the key human resources that bring projects to successful fruition, I work to keep a team focused, scheduled and eager to achieve my clients’ objectives.  Questions to ask:  Is my team truly working as a team with each person’s strengths contributing to the greater sum of our individual parts? In fact, do I really know the talents and gifts each employee has and have I placed them appropriately? Have I provided everyone with enough information and resources to get the work done?  Am I open to brainstorming and creative problem-solving?  Do I have relationships that ease the process or have I alienated potential partners? Do I know what I am talking about?  Does my communication allow for feedback from folks on the ground?  Are my promises commensurate with my ability to deliver?  And time…have I given my team an adequate amount of time to get things done in the highest quality – or rather in the quality that successfully fulfills the objectives of the project?

I am not naïve.  I know that non-profits operate with limited resources in terms of personnel, no money and TODAY as the deadline.  But just the way we need to become more sustainable in our use of the earth’s energy so too do we need to be sustainable in human energy.  In both cases we need to do the work that needs to be done with a clear head and clear goals. Get grounded, take a breath and then take action.

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