Communications + PR: Brainstorming

For those of us doing any kind of purposeful creative work is there anything more fun than brainstorming?  My favorite part is the “reveal” when the right idea is generated after rejecting or tweaking 2, 3 and 4 others.  What’s it like where you work?  Do you feel safe to put all ideas on the table?  Can you think out loud or do all your thoughts have to be perfect? How large is the brainstorming group?  Does it include at least some of the folks who do the work on the ground?

Some places need lessons in creating an environment where people feel safe and all ideas are shared. The good ones percolate up and leave the others behind.  I can do that – I can come and give you lessons in brainstorming.  The best/hardest  part is turning those ideas into action.  Not only is it fun but the energy generated drives the project, making it easier to fulfill your objectives.

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