Communications + PR: BOGO: A Communication Plan!

Buy One – Get One Free!

January 1st — a new year and a new chance to strengthen your communication with constituents and funders!  Don’t have the staff to create a Comm Plan?  Let’s do it together:

Step One:
We look at your strategic messages
 + upcoming events (fundraising + other)
+ various media available to you (Constant Contact/Website maintenance/ Facebook /blog)
+ audiences you want to reach (the public/ your funders/members/potential members)
+ Development goals ( as outlined in your Development plan)

Step Two:
I create a calendarized  month-by-month communications plan  for your staff to implement

Step Three:
In six months we revisit, assess and adjust (this is the free one!)

Cost is dependent on the size of your organization and the person-power assigned to Communications.  I can also serve as an external project manager and chief nudge-er to keep things on schedule AND I can also break projects up into their component parts to really get the timing right for you.  This becomes very important in terms of production of brochures, annual reports, invitations, events, etc. 

Most folks fear the calendar – I love it!

 The goal is to get a successful stream of consistent communication OUT!!

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