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As I worked to establish my coaching business, I was interviewed by media journalists from far and near about a variety of topics including life coaching, clutter, breast cancer, spirituality and more.  I scored this coverage though a service which matches journalists with experts on a daily basis. Just think of how many stories are written on the web, in newspapers, in magazines and how many opportunities there are for your business to get exposure or for your story or your organization’s story to be told.

Now, I receive daily feeds of e-mail queries from reporters looking for sources to provide expert commentary on stories they are writing. Organized by industry or subject, queries are sent by broadcast e-mail to news and information officers in North America and Europe. They typically transmit between 100-150 opportunities daily.

For most of us, this daily feed, and the accompanying subscriber fees, are too much too handle.  This is why I am inviting you to join Media Matchup, whereby I get the feed and match you up when appropriate.

How Does It Work?
When you register with me, you are placed on my experts list to be matched up with journalists seeking good, solid interviewees on any given topic.  I get the feed, contact the journalist and you, we discuss and the match is made between you and the writer. You set up a mutually convenient time and hopefully your thoughts will be used in the story.  (Bummer alert – there are no guarantees!) Then you have access to post an excerpt or a link on your own website, or use it in any promotional pieces you create.

Not to worry, I don’t send you out unarmed:  In the first month, we will talk for one additional hour and discern your major talking points, articulation of mission, etc. 

There are feeds on almost every topic. Think of me as a matchmaker — a PR agency offering a very specific service at a very good price.  Of course I am available for more but that’s a different conversation.

Let’s get the word out about the good work you do!

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