Communications + PR: Candor & Ease

Good morning, welcome to the offices of Candor & Ease Communications, how can I help you?

When I left a demoralizing and consistently devolving employment situation, I wanted to go out on my own and name my business Candor & Ease Communciations.  These two qualities are the tenets that I try to professionally live by.

If you hire me to do any kind of communication or coaching work, the more honest and open I am with you, the sooner we will get clarity on your message and the better we will communicate it.  The context is to keep our eyes on the prize together.  I am not interested  in the emporer, clothes, no clothes or smoke blown anywhere near you or me.

Ease is related to flow.  Flow of energy, flow of information, flow in the stuff of living day-to-day.  Ease does not in conflict with hard work.  It makes hard work possible and sustainable over time.

If you and I work with candor and ease we can join the many folks who have decided to work differently in this world.

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