Life Coaching: My Wish For You

I have a wish for you.  It is the same one I hold for my coaching clients, friends and loved ones.  I wish you a life of ease. 
It sounds naïve doesn’t it? We all know that life is not easy.

But here is the ease I am talking about.  It is living a life that is in accord with your natural rhythms, values and desires. I see it as an energy-thing.  As you create a life of ease you are free-er to do the big work in the world.  How do you lead your day?  What personal systems do you have in place? What time you get to sleep? How do you manage time? These things can either flow or trip you up. 

 I am not talking about a life of ease equaling a life of irresponsibility.  I am actually working toward taking more responsibility in attending to our daily lives. Is this a paradox?  Maybe so.  No one said attaining a life of ease was going to be easy…

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