Life Coach/Job Coach: What is Next For You?

As I work in Candor & Ease, here are two things I just gotta put on the table before we begin our conversation:

  1. These are tough times – enough said.
  2. It can be done. You can and will find a job that leads to growth in finances and personal satisfaction.

As we work together, each session is divided into the following aspects of career and job issues:

Practical Skills

To start, here are some questions to ponder as we vision your job together:

    • What do you look like-literally what do you wear to work?
    • What does your work space/office look like?
    • Describe the smoothest day possible.
    • Describe a difficult day.
    • Do you supervise people?
    • Are you part of a team?
    • Do you have boss? A board of directors?
    • What is the objective of the work you do?
    • What is the direct result of your work?
    • Does this position exist?
    • Could anyone do the work or do you bring your own skill set to it?
    • Is it full time, part time- unusual hours?
    • How is the pay? Enough? Not enough?
    • How much money will satisfy your needs?
    • Is there a public piece to this position?
    • Do you work at home – do you want to work at home?
    • Are you interesting in working smart and hard or is it something that must be done
    • What is singularly you about your job skills?

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