• Thank you to Amy Pollack of TwistNShout Graphic Design:
    Due to her rich and varied experience, Gari is a versatile professional who sees the big picture and also understands the details that will enable her vision to become a reality. She is a consummate team player–respecting and trusting the team that she assembles as well as the needs and desires of her clients. Her positive outlook,energy and good humor coupled with her practical knowledge about communications and development make her a valued colleague and consultant.

  • Thank you to Fred Kaplan-Mayer, Former Director of the Non-Profit Hiway Theatre
    Gari became part of the Hiway team in rapid fashion, creating an interactive capital campaign that connected powerfully with the community. I have never witnessed such quick, quality work, from concept to execution.Her enthusiasm is earnest and her ability to apply her experience to the task at hand is invaluable. I highly recommend her to your organization; if you face a challenge, you will find a great ally in Gari and you will not only envision the finish line but you will get there in record time!

Thank you to Rabbi Erin Hirsh, Gratz College

Gari is a first class act! When I recently began a new job, one of the first things I did was ask Gari to step in and manage my new program’s launch. She was a consummate professional, jumping in and helping me talk through what I was trying to build until I could articulate it in a clear, concise and nuanced manner. Then, Gari conjured up a great name and helped me design and execute a strong communications strategy that is already bearing fruit.

Thank you to my Coaching Clients:

  • Client 1
    After a session with Gari, I feel that all things are possible. She listens, probes and asks questions that get me thinking.  The homework gets me moving and ready to take action.  She definitely cares.
  • Client 2
    Although I have only been working with Gari for a relatively short time, I have already found our work together to be transformative. Always deeply insightful, Gari challenges me to confront the reasons for my procrastination. She offers specific short term achievable tasks that help me focus my energy and direction toward my larger goals. Gari  listens intently and carefully and encourages me to explore and deepen my understanding of my own journey. I am finally learning to truly engage in the process of changing my own life!
  • Client 3
    Working with Gari has been life-changing!  I possess very eclectic skills and interests, and a “yes,” mentality. I often found myself overwhelmed by opportunities and obligations. She can drill down to the nitty gritty of solving problems, while always keeping the big picture in mind.    As a coach, she acts as a supportive, encouraging and focused friend who holds me accountable to what it takes to achieve my best possible life.  Thank you, Gari
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