things out + energy in

peace of mindAs you may have noticed, I am wildly committed to you getting your story out, your sacred work done, your passions fulfilled.  I need you activated. I can’t say it enough.

For some of us, there is no greater stumbling block than what literally stops us from sitting at our desks or getting out the door: stuff.  A few years ago, declutter + delight was my primary coaching offering.  I was helping people get things out. I made house calls in the Phila area to people who simply could not declutter themselves. Together we thanked, blessed and packed up many objects, giving respect to the things and to the relationships they represented. I then shlepped their stuff to local thrift shops, where someone else could delight in something that had been stuffed on a shelf or in a closet for years. New spacious life for my client and new appreciation for a previously neglected object.

Looks like people are getting stuck behind their stuff again so consider this a reminder to call me.  I know that this can be hard. Remind me to tell you the elephant story.

We can do it virtually  —  I give you assignments and you do the work. It’s kind of a hoot.

You can read more in this old article from the Phila Inquirer. 

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