I AM sitting here with a pulled hamstring and I don’t think this recipe can help with that (although I am sitting with more equanimity than I would have predicted) but it does provide strong, steady and grounded energy.

Gari’s Good Morning
With thanks to the Philly Inquirer after I read an article ab Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, owners of Vedge, an amazing Vegan restaurant in Philly. I admire their vision and energy so much, I though this was a good way to cop some. (I think I might have embellished it, I don’t remember)

Water ( I use tap, don’t judge me)
Soy Sauce
Kombu – 1″ or so
Dried wild mushrooms
Scallion – or anything else that provides a bit of fire
Hit of siracha
Soba noodles

Combine it all, bring to boil, reduce to simmer til noodles are soft. Delicious

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