Virtual DeCluttering?

With Declutter to Delight: Compassionate + Green Clutter Control you will have someone by your side who gets how hard this is and can provide resources to make sure your items are reused and kept out of the landfill as much as possible.


In the true spirit of interconnection, I want you freed from whatever blocks you from bringing your best, juiciest self to an ailing world. If you can’t find your keys to get out the door and make this a better place with joy, fun, creativity and purpose — you gotta call me.

It is time to make your home environments one that serves you as a place of respite and rejuvenation — of flow. What’s they key tenet? No judgement! You can schedule a sample session with Gari and we WILL make change in one hour.

Or you may want to start with my guidebook/workbook, DeClutter2DeLight: Compassionate + Green Clutter Control available on Amazon.

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