Be Bold: Articulate that Idea + See Where it Goes

You know that this long year’s winter will come to an end and that spring, it all it’s manifestations will arise. This is the time to gather up the seemingly random ideas you have and start breathing life into them. It is done best in partnership. Here are things that five clients are incubating right now. They courageously shared an idea and we are moving forward with curiosity and commitment. I provide strategies, timelines, connections and a judgement-free sounding board. Very exciting!

I have a client who is:

  1. Reimagining how to offer bodywork + healing
  2. Creating a cookbook/memoir
  3. Moving from a staff position working for others to launching her own business
  4. Figuring out a side gig
  5. Tightening up her website and all her marketing communications, which uses my previous professional comms experience.

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