New Batch of Crowdsourcing Delight Classes

I won’t keep you long! Here are two things I want you to know ab: a new batch of classes AND you now can register for multiple sessions of a class at one time.

You can read more ab each class when you hit the Register Here link.

NEW Offerings: Register Here!

·       Chanting through the Omer with Juliet Spitzer

·       BEFORE + AFTER / What Will You Keep with Gari

·       Learn Kitchen Knife Skills with Marilyn Waxman

·       Spiritual Autobiography Workshop with Gabby Kaplan-Mayer

·       Harold’s History of Rock & Roll: More Ladies of the Canyon – Laura Nyro, Carly, Linda, and Carole and more

·       Jackie’s Sunday Supper: Late-Winter Sangria and Minestrone with Jackie Jonas – THIS SUNDAY!

Ongoing:  Register Here!

·       Somatic Release with Susan Joseph (SUNDAYS ADDED!)

·       Simple Human Movement with Emily Smith – TODAY (TUE)

·       FULL-BODIED GRATITUDE: Gentle yoga and breath work with Nicole Levin

·       Monthly Compassionate Decluttering for Adult Children of Shoah Survivors with Gari

·       DeClutter to DeLight Workshop: Getting Started

·       Ignite Delight Decluttering Accountability Group

·       Sample Virtual Decluttering Session

·       Sample Life Coaching Session

·       Sample Health & Nutrition Coaching Session

I’m looking for a craft or art project, Qigong and setting up an herb garden– anyone up for teaching these? Plus I want to start highlighting a non-profit each month. Please contact me to discuss.

Register Here!

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