Entrepreneurial Empowerment Update

I LOVE partnering with people to move an idea, dream or aspiration into reality. The moment you gather courage to articulate your thought and move it out of your head is the moment to call me. We will activate and actualize the thought and suddenly the world — at least YOUR world — will be different. I keep you accountable, give you timelines and deadlines, share your enthusiasm and ask you hard questions. Here are some things I am honored to be a part of:

  • Starting new business from the ground up for a Chaplain as she leaves a non-profit organization and offers her services on her own.
  • Midwifing a Cookbook/Memoir with a client who has a story to tell and the recipes to prove it. I give her timelines and deadlines and work with the graphic designer. It’s gonna be something and may be the foundation of a one woman performance piece.
  • Developing a new cooperative model for gig worker yoga, dance, Nia, exercise, meditation, etc instructors to offer their classes.
  • Supported a professional in the financial sector to investigate a meaningful and fun side hustle.
  • Provided business and communication coaching for a therapist starting her own practice.
  • Kept an author organized and on track to complete her book.

Even without a specific project, I keep professionals on track and accountable. Time management is a biggie as is follow-through and even support in tying up projects with nice little bows. If you are in the Philly area, I send you to visit my favorite examples of places that reflect the spark of a good idea. It all starts with a sample session. You don’t have to have it all formulated. That is part of the fun.

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