New Reason to Understand Time + Productivity

I just started the book by neuroscientist, Dean Burnett, Happy Brain: Where Happiness Comes From, and Why because why not. Of course my learning began right away but when I came upon this piece of info, I knew it would be immediately relevant to my coaching clients working on time management.

For some people understanding time, how it works, where it comes from and the amount of time needed to accomplish a task is elusive. I have solid relationship with time so I feel that I can be of service to my time-challanged clients. One question I ask is if they know when something is done. Of course there are levels of done but I am talking about being done enough to walk away and then return with fresh eyes. Only after that can we put a bow around a task and really be done.

I just learned something new that could incentivize the awareness. According to neuroscientist Dean Burnett,

The endorphin system…helps us know when something is “done.” An important task needs doing and you get stressed; you complete the task and the brain releases a subtle dose of endorphins so we feel “it’s done, let’s move on.”

Dean Burnett

The endorphins may not be the endorphin rush we all crave, but when my clients can attune to that subtle change of energy, they will be able to acknowledge “done” even if it is “done for now.” I think some clients intuitively know but I am happy to see that we can discuss an actual change in the brain. It’s another tool we can use to dismantle perfectionism and rumination. Onward!

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