Want to Publish a Book?

I am not saying that all my Entrepreneurial Empowerment clients write books, but I bet that more than a few of you have something to say in book form.

Amy Pollack of Twist n Shout and I have now brought four books into fruition. Amy’s design is always extraordinary with an eye toward beauty, readability and functionality. I am a loving accountability and timeline coach, editor, hand holder, midwife and fairy godmother. Plus I love contributing to the design process. Together we make dreams come true. We are a team and I’m so proud of our collaboration with Jackie Jonas, bringing her Cooking from Memory: A Storyteller in the Kitchen to life.

Not all my Entrepreneurial Empowerment clients have visions of books swirling in their heads. I love my standing Thursday morning meetings with a CEO of a growing business. She uses me weekly as a sounding board and accountability taskmaster. All good. I love it.

All to say, if you have a book or an idea you want to toss around, sign up for a 60 minute sample session. It is worth talking about in a judgement-free zone and it could be alot of fun.

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