Aspirational Containment

It’s coming. It starts with articles like this one in the Phila Inquirer called Best Places to Donate Stuff in Philly by Diana Lu. Then, because I coach people on the lower side of the hoarding spectrum, I was honored to be interviewed for Anndee Hochman’s deep dive into hoarding behavior, Piling Up, also in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Today I bumped into this opinion article in the New York Times by Annaliese Griffin, How to Buy Nothing New This Holiday Season.

You know what’s coming, don’t you? January sales for storage containers.

I cannot tell you how many storage and organizing systems my decluttering clients have invested in. Each purchase is a prayer and sometimes a desperate plea for help. I call them Aspirational Containers and when I do, my clients and I giggle. Everyone gets it.

The ads will be stunning and seductive with perfect lighting. They will promise both control and 30% off. The bins will come in all shapes and sizes with patterns ranging from minimalistic to wildly floral. Desk organizers will guarantee paper sanity and we will succumb because we will be drowning and these lifelines look so pretty. Even Marie Kondo, who inspired so many to move things out, now offers ways to keep things in through her alliance with The Container Store.

Read these articles and then strategize how you will get through the next three months. It’s worth getting ahead of it all even if it means you re-use last year’s aspirational containers. You got this.

(photo credit: “Storage Bins” by danielfoster437 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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