Five PRE-cluttering tips to get through the holidays!

Some ideas to help you push through:

  1. Expose yourself: Explain to people that you are working hard to make your home one of replenishment and relaxation and that you do not want to bring more things into it. Ask for experiences + time together.
  2. Time IS on your side: Between Black Friday and New Year’s Day, look at my donation page and choose at least one place to donate to.
  3. Ease Another Person’s Burden: Do you know someone else struggling with clutter? Offer a gift swap of decluttering time.
  4. Say No (and if you can’t, say No,Thank You) You don’t have to take all the freebies that might come your way in this season.
  5. Be Good to Yourself: Take a few minutes each day to ground yourself and envision the home you are working toward.

You know what’s going to happen!?! The holidays arrive and you will be surrounded by good cheer, family and friends and the onslaught of things.

Then, just as January follows December, you will be inundated with articles, books, advertisements, tips and memes about storage for all of it. When I make house calls I encounter TONS of attempts at storage. It lives side-by-side all the things we have except it starts out aspirational and inspirational and then makes people feel worse as they struggle with personal storage fail.

Here’s a crazy thought from the twitterverse: What future garbage do you want for Christmas this year? HA!!

Happy Holidaze! Enjoy it all!

(photo credit: “Gift” by asenat29 is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

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