Mutually Beneficial: Virtual Decluttering!

Virtual decluttering – another pandemic adjustment. People hire me to sit on my bum in my home to boss them around as they do hard, physical labor in theirs.

Via iPads, laptops, phones and Zoom I declutter across the country. It doesn’t make sense, but maybe it does. Sustainable decluttering is much more than hauling stuff out. It requires a witnessing, an understanding that this is hard and a plan tailored to you and your needs. A good decluttering partner is there for you on Zoom or in your home. We all are surprised and giggle a little when I see that pile in the corner you just passed and tried to hide from me.

I am unbelievably by each client’s side through all of it. We have a blast moving things responsibly out and bringing new energy in. I love this work.

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