Chocolate Love!

The delicious news about chocolate is that it is good for your gut health! Wahoo! I used to love chocolate: ate it morning, noon and night. It got me through some very hard times and for that I am grateful. Now my relationship with chocolate is measured, as I discovered through Eating Responsively – the nutrition coaching program I developed by listening and responding to what my body communicates to me. My body told me that I cannot have a bite or a sip of any caffeine after 12:00 noon and that if I do, it affects my sleep many, many hours later. In the balance of my life, I’ve made the conscious decision that uncompromised sleep wins out. That’s me working in response to what my body is communicating to me. But I digress.

But there is also so much good to be found in chocolate – as you already know! You can read more about the polyphenols found in chocolate (and other things) that support the growth of healthy bacteria in this article by Deanna Minich, Ph.d. Gut health is key to full-bodied health and how it all works is amazing!

(photo credit: Danijela Maksimovic/ – taken from Dr. Minich’s newsletter)

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