Wahoo! A Happy Client

Today I received fabulous feedback about my health, nutrition, and diet program, Eat Responsively and I am so, so thrilled! Reinforced by weekly coaching and check-ins, my client is “experiencing a renewed level of vitality.” Once we quieted the cacophony of cravings and the manic switchup of diet-of-the-month she learned that what she feels like eating is actually what makes her feeeeeel good. She’s lost 15 pounds over the time we’ve worked together and after experimentation, she’s found an exercise program that helps her soar with happiness. She’s curbed the addiction to sugar and salt and can now eat sugar and salt when she wants. Surprisingly, she wants it less and enjoys it more. She’s 55+ and feeling great. I am so happy for her and so happy that I am her coach. We’ walk step by step together. We’re a team and I love my work.

I am thrilled because I know this program is right and more important, it is sustainable! It is a deep and true partnership that requires clients to listen – and respond – to their bodies. And because they are attuned to themselves, clients eat what they feel like eating. Not a screw-it-all-I’ll-eat-this-now feel like eating, but rather, in accordance to how their body responds to what they eat.

Wahoo for clear thinking and loving partnerships that support real change. You ready? Read more and sign up for a sample session. If nothing else, take a look at this form. It may reveal more than you realize.

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