Move Your Booty

I just got back from Miami where I moved my booty a whole lot! I danced the night away at an amazing wedding at Vizcaya and walked the streets of Wynwood, visiting the Wynwood Walls Museum of street art the next day. I was in heaven.

Wynwood is a neighborhood that had been comprised of empty industrial wharehouses. Then, like in many cities across the country, the artists came and now greet you with murals, graffiti, and sidewalk philosophy. Next came the food like the famous Zak the Baker, and now the high rises are arriving.

But art and color and thoughts are yours for the taking and “Move Your Booty” is an important one for boomers. (Not sure the artist would ever imagine a 65-year old life coach would be sending this image out in the world. I mean, when you are young, who can imagine being 65?)

So Boomers, here is the question: how do you move your booty and when you do, what is the energy you bring to that movement? I know that we don’t move the way we used to. When everything is working well, we are tight and our bodies may be compromised in other ways, but still, we rise and we move. There are reasons why we choose particular exercises and that those reasons may need refreshing from time to time. Sometimes we want slow and methodical. Sometimes machines, trails or classes call us. My hope is that you enjoy how you move and that it helps you smile and feel good in your body. It’s a new season, with new colors and a bit more connection compared to the last few years – how will you move your booty?

As always, if you need to figure out what kind of movement can serve you right now, sign on for a single, discounted senior session and let’s explore your thoughts together.

Enjoy. And then stretch and hydrate.

Sending love — Gari

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