Actualizing a New Idea

Here are two moments in the creative process that cry out for collaborative support. I love my work with emerging entrepreneurs. Think about where you are in this process:

    YOU: You’ve thought of the idea and your head is spinning with possibilities. In fact, one idea leads to the next and you can see it all. It feels good, you are high and the idea is mighty. Then suddenly, in one minute it all feels like too much and you begin to meticulously question each aspect of the idea. But then, something clicks again and you are not ready to abandon it all and the cycle starts anew.
    ME: I will celebrate your good idea, slow it down and then start asking questions. We’ll parse the whole dream into manageable steps, thereby sequencing an analysis. We look at it with committed curiosity, almost like an experiment. We’ll want the energy to flow productively and notice where it gets sticky and where it all lands.

See above.

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