Getting Curious About Snacks

I LOVE so many things about Jonathan Van Ness. They make me a happy queen and in their Netflix series, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness they makes me a smarter one too. Each episode is fabulous and the one called Can We Say Bye Bye to the Binary? is crucially important. In one, they ask Are Skyscrapers Huge Divas? and in another they wonder Why is Hair So Major? The episode that asks Why Do I Love Snacks So Much leads right into much of what I think about as a Health, Nutrition and Life Coach.

I would love to continue the conversation with JVN because it would be a blast and I am pretty sure they would give me a hair consult. Then we’d delve deeper into the use of chemical formulas developed by food companies to ensure your dependence on sugar. It is not an accident that you turn to sugar when you are sad, mad or glad. You are not weak or at fault. You are addicted because the food industry provides you with endless opportunities to feed your addiction. Sometimes it is in full view and sometimes it is in a seemingly cute concoction called a company’s special secret ingredient.

AND that low-calorie soda, cookie, and little susie cake is pumped up with things you can’t name — all forms of chemical sugars. The endless itching, neuropathy, gut pain, skin breakouts, insomnia and other signs of inflammation? Sugars and fake sugars. Why do people need to eat multiple low-fat cookies or fake chocolate things disguised as pastries? Because they are not real food, they are not satisfying and they ARE formulated to get you to want just one more. Why so many diet sodas? Because they do not quench thirst! Ha! How ’bout it!

Low-fat? Another manipulation. Low fat often needs more sugar, salt and chemicals to compensate AND here is the BEST thing I learned in my program: good fats are good – it is how your cells communicate! How cool is that!?!

There is so much JVN and I would talk about, especially since this all has dire implications for physical and mental health. It is so much deeper than learning how to “get over” the pull of sugar and salt. It’s real and although I have deal with sugar through really, really, listening to my body (which led to developing my Eat Responsively Coaching Partnership Program) I totally get it, especially around 3:30 PM when I crave me a good hit of salt.

How would Jonathan and I end our conversation? I am sure that we would celebrate the people we are today, Hunny, knowing that there is a path to a sparklier life tomorrow with alot more vitality and rainbows.

Get curious about Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness and enjoy!!

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