Boomer: Get Your Important Papers In Order

Hubble Sees Turquoise-Tinted Plumes in Large Magellanic Cloud

No one (but me) thinks this is fun


Having things in order for our families when we pass is not easy. And by things, I am not talking about dishes and tchockes even though that’s hard too. I am talking about information regarding cemetery plots, account passwords, bank contacts, home info and the like.

It raises alot of anxiety but the moment you dive in, the anxiety is mitigated. You feel like a grownup because you are really, really taking care of things on an existential level. It is hard to do it alone and I see the strain in my clients’ eyes. I recently consolidated tons of disparate documents found in all sorts of places in an elderly couple’s home. We created one place for all of it, calling the prescribed location the death drawer but you don’t have to be so stark about it all.

You also don’t need me to do it with you but over the course of two sessions, we’ll address the papers in your hands and the thoughts in your mind .

In session one we meet, discuss what you should be gathering and more. I offer some tools and guidance as we get a sense of the work ahead, what you can get your hands on and what is missing.You commit to an assignment of your choice and in the second session, I hold you accountable and we discuss issues that have arisen.

If you think this is hard, you are right. If you know in your gut that it is important, you are also right. Do it — with me or without me — for all your beloveds and your own peace of mind.

Wishing you many days ahead, without ever needing to go into that drawer — Gari

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