Boomer Coaching

Boomer Coaching is not about fixing anything. It is more about bringing air, space and energy into this phase of your life.

(There is even a senior discount!)

Here’s how:

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I GOT YOU, BABE: One Hour Conversation

Bring any topic of your choice to a personal coaching conversation. In one hour we will push through and give you three action steps.

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BORN TO RUN: Four Hours/ The Four F’s

Over the course of four sessions, we’ll address:
Flow – organize your home for maximum energy flow and organization

Fun – work the creative muscle with whatever tugs at you.

Food – eat in accordance to how you feel. Hint: it leads to eating what you feel like eating.

F*ck it – it’s your time. What are you going to do with it??

*Contact me if you would like info about starting an accountability group with friends.

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NO ONE GETS OUT OF HERE ALIVE: Two Hours to get your sh!t together and organize your papers for your beloveds. It’s hard and I am right by your side to get you started, providing key accountability for the process.

Why am I the right person to spend some time with?

Because I’ve sat exactly where you are sitting right this minute.

I get it and I got you.

I’m a 65-year old woman who recently started a new chapter by moving to full-time coaching AND becoming a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach. I’ve lost weight through a program I created, understanding how food affects my body and conducted a deliberate search to find a great exercise program that I enjoy almost every single day. I have fabulous clients doing fabulous things and way increased creativity (don’t get me started on my fun projects.) I think about Alzheimer’s disease, the state of the world and how I can make change. I love my growing family and ponder the life lessons I’ve learned and want to impart. As a 20-year cancer thriver I don’t take my health for granted and grapple with lingering thoughts. Where does it all lead? To fabulous and powerful conversations with people like you!

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