Eat Responsively Coaching Partnership

This is for people who are tired of the diet carousel and are eager to jump off. You may be older and wiser for it. You may be younger and already tired of it.

Saying no to diets is one thing (how many have you tried and rejected?), trusting yourself, and saying YES to your inner wisdom is where courage and faith reside. We will liberate you from diet exhaustion and make the changes you crave as you enter a new way of being present. Your joy, energy and radiance will be rediscovered.

You will be seen as a whole, beautiful person and your story will be heard. I promise.

This form is helpful as you consider partnering with me. Or, you can go straight to the scheduler to schedule a sample coaching session, which is a pre-requisite to the program.

Why work with me? If you are reading this, I guarantee we have lots in common. My relationship with my body, with what the world says I should look like, paired with my life’s twists and turns, informs my work with clients. So much so that I recently completed a year-long course to become a health and nutrition coach through an intensive program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am thrilled to bring new knowledge and a network of resources to my work with women who want to finally make friends with their health and nutrition.

The concept of eating responsively is based on some surprising things I learned about myself and how I felt after I ate certain things. IIN calls this bio-individuality and I call it courage. It takes courage to listen to yourself, throw off the chains of diet experts and quiet the noise. I created this program because I know that it is not easy, and because the pain and shame we carry is not acceptable.

My 60-year old friend still longing for her pre-pregnancy weight sealed the deal for me. Sugar, salt, diet drinks, soda, low carb, low calorie, low taste and processed foods are laboratory-manufactured enemies of your vitality and essence.

Confidential, Brave and Deep Coaching includes:

  • Affirmation of who you are and what you need.
  • Accountability, accountability, accountability.
  • Attention to the audio portion of your body’s communications – the sounds of grumbling and gas.
  • Examination of how you nourish yourself now.
  • Education about health and nutrition.
  • Exploration and experimentation of movement + exercise that holds your attention and commitment.
  • Increased control of cravings so that they no longer control you.
  • Nature heals — we’ll get curious about the role of nature in your life.
  • Prompts to schedule any outstanding wellness or medical appointments such as mammograms, etc.
  • Recipe sharing.
  • Respect of real food and of your own bio-individuality.
  • Shopping tips.
  • Surprise gifts!
  • Sustainable success – you will have the tools you need to sustain the growth and changes you make long after the program ends.

You will begin to understand:

  • How to access faith in yourself and see it grow.
  • The interconnection among wellness and home, career, spirituality, education and more.
  • Meditation to quiet the noise– and see what arises.

IMPORTANT: Eating Responsively Coaching with Gari Julius Weilbacher is not a replacement for medical or psychological attention to your physical and mental health. It provides education and accountability for healthy living.

Eat Responsively Coaching Packages


twice/week (1-hour session and 1 flexible check-in session up to an hour)
six weeks
email support


twice/week (1-hour session and 1 flexible check-in session up to an hour)
three months
email and text support

Big Commitment/Big Change

twice/week (1-hour session and 1 flexible
check-in session up to an hour)
six months with
email and text support

..I am so thankful for your attention and I am grateful for the eye-opening session. It might seem small, but a mighty change for the long run, and I loved how my day went today. And it was thanks to you. I was simply happy after our conversation yesterday. I was able to remember that I can, and I will, and I am able. This is much more than a workout or food diary. This is changing a belief, a mindset, and putting myself up there in the highly important things to take care of. 

~ A.C. ~

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