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Sometimes I write and sometimes my work is published. Here are some things that have found their way to – a wonderful resource. I am grateful.

A New Year and Nu, You? – Can you dare to be the juiciest version of yourself? What’s stopping you?

Faith Zap Love. Today – How I used prayer to harness my radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Clothes, Paper, Pictures: Decluttering Adult Children of Holocaust Survivors – my experience with these clients reveals dramatic intergenerational connections.

You Have Anxiety and I Have Cancer – an essay that sheds light on cancer communication. It’s a bit snarky but I’ve been told it’s helpful.

Declutter2DeLight: Compassionate + Green Clutter Control – Named as “One of 19 books that will help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions,” this book introduces you to the DeClutter to DeLight method of decluttering. With a focus on mindful clutter control, I “get” how hard it can be and I am with you for the long haul. 

Our Health Journal: A Co-Created Wellness Resource – I share a bit of my own health history and then turn the book over to the reader where it becomes a document of record for you. You will place your own dedications, express gratitude and inspiring quotes after you read mine and then you will have many pages to record any medical visits or conversations. We are a team!

Mutually Beneficial: Virtual Decluttering!

Virtual decluttering – another pandemic adjustment. People hire me to sit on my bum in my home to boss them around as they do hard, physical labor in theirs. Via iPads, laptops, phones and Zoom I declutter across the country. It doesn’t make sense, but maybe it does. Sustainable decluttering is much more than haulingContinue reading “Mutually Beneficial: Virtual Decluttering!”

Actualizing a New Idea

Here are two moments in the creative process that cry out for collaborative support. I love my work with emerging entrepreneurs. Think about where you are in this process: AT THE START:YOU: You’ve thought of the idea and your head is spinning with possibilities. In fact, one idea leads to the next and you canContinue reading “Actualizing a New Idea”

Thanks to Redfin for Including Me!

I am thrilled to be included in Redfin’s Real Estate’s roundup article Holiday Cleanup: Expert Tips on How to Organize Your Decoration Storage. It’s a good list of ideas! I hope people find my tip useful!


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