Self-Care Balance

Last year I became a certified health and nutrition coach, having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I chose this program because of their emphasis on the whole body – seeing each of us as whole people, expressions of bio-individuality vs. seeing ourselves as having problematic body parts.

At IIN, Primary Foods are everything OFF the plate and includes relationships, spirituality, work, home, creativity and more. Why? Because how you live your life influences what is ON the plate, or what IIN calls Secondary Foods. I partner with people to free them up from their “stuff” and for too many of us, there is no greater obstacle to ease than the way our culture addresses how we eat and the struggle to find balance, creativity and comfort.

I am curious about how we balance self-care, self nourishment and how we live complete lives. My sample session in this arena asks you to consider it all as we give you three action steps to help you find balance both on and off the plate.

I also offer accountability coaching to support your personal health goals – including the procrastination of scheduling regular appointments like mammograms, colonoscopies and others. Or, you may want a buddy to help you find an exercise or nutrition program that works for you.

My nutrition program, Eat Responsively, is based on how so many of us have jumped from diet to diet:

No matter how we work together, you will be seen as a whole, beautiful person
and your story will be heard. I promise.

You will begin to understand:

  • How to access faith in yourself and see it grow.
  • The interconnection among wellness and home, career, spirituality, education and more.
  • Tools to quiet the noise– and see what arises.

IMPORTANT: Self-care coaching with Gari Julius Weilbacher is not a replacement for medical or psychological attention to your physical and mental health. It provides education and accountability for healthy living.

..I am so thankful for your attention and I am grateful for the eye-opening session. It might seem small, but a mighty change for the long run, and I loved how my day went. And it was thanks to you. I was simply happy after our conversation yesterday. I was able to remember that I can, and I will, and I am able. This is much more than a workout or food diary. This is changing a belief, a mindset, and putting myself in the highly important things to take care of. 

~ A.C. ~

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