Two comments I received on the same day. They both made me smile!
Be well guru and I’ll see you next week!
I’m fine with you saying that you know me and that we’ve been working together. I’m a proud client!

(This is the EXACT kind of work I love doing!)

Thank you to Anonymous as she starts up her business:
You are so gifted…and you are a clear and patient teacher.

Thank you to Rabbi Shelley Barnathan as she created Or Zarua Philly:
Thank you, dear Gari! You are helping me to live my dream….

Thank you to Joey Weisenberg, of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute:
I loved working with Gari to actualize Hadar’s Rising Song Institute in Philadelphia. She is lovely, thoughtful, and thorough. Through a meticulous process of brainstorming, strategic questioning, executive coaching, project management, and deadline setting, Gari helped to bring the Rising Song Institute from vision to reality. We now have our roots planted, new financial support coming in, and we’ve hired new staff.  

If you’re unsure as to how to move forward as you work on a short or long term initiative, or if you need a general sounding board, coach, or person to hold you accountable to get things finished, even for small scale projects, I can’t recommend Gari enough as a thought partner and coach to help you get rolling sooner!


  • Thank you to Jill Friedman who invited me to talk to her colleagues at a day-long retreat for the Law School Outreach Committee, Philadelphia Bar Association Today was a total hit. The women – including this one — really enjoyed your session. Several commented at the end that it was the best part of the day, and several said they had ideas about inviting you to facilitate other events or about calling you for individual coaching. Today was very powerful and helpful. You seemed like a natural at doing this.
  • From the Bala Cynwyd Library: It was so nice to see you on Zoom last night, and to see the large viewer response. Somehow you always seem to strike the right note with listeners. You continue to be one of our most popular presenters.
  • From the organizer of the special workshop, Compassionate Decluttering for Adult Children of Shoah Survivors. Gari, you are very good at striking the balance between delivering your strategies for decluttering with the compassion so needed, especially for this group. I am glad that we will be continuing monthly.


...This was changing a belief, a mindset…And it was thanks to you. I am so grateful for the eye opening session. It might look small, but a mighty change for the long run, and I loved how my day went today.

Thank you to my Coaching Clients below.  To see decluttering coaching client testimonials, click here.

  • Client 1
    After a session with Gari, I feel that all things are possible. She listens, probes and asks questions that get me thinking. The homework gets me moving and ready to take action. She definitely cares.
  • Client 2
    Although I have only been working with Gari for a relatively short time, I have already found our work together to be transformative. Always deeply insightful, Gari challenges me to confront the reasons for my procrastination. She offers specific short term achievable tasks that help me focus my energy and direction toward my larger goals. Gari  listens intently and carefully and encourages me to explore and deepen my understanding of my own journey. I am finally learning to truly engage in the process of changing my own life!
  • Client 3
    Working with Gari has been life-changing! I possess very eclectic skills and interests, and a “yes,” mentality. I often found myself overwhelmed by opportunities and obligations. She can drill down to the nitty gritty of solving problems, while always keeping the big picture in mind. As a coach, she acts as a supportive, encouraging and focused friend who holds me accountable to what it takes to achieve my best possible life.  Thank you, Gari
  • Client 4 
    Thanks again for everything – you’ve helped me immeasurably – both personally and professionally. 
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