Plain and simple: when you shine, we all benefit.

In the spirit of interconnection, we need one another other activated. Especially in these times.

How are you holding up?

I commit to providing you with bold coaching support as
we bring sustainable satisfaction and ease to your life.

I’ve worked with clients in the financial, higher education, legal, creative arts and non-profit sectors, each looking to make personal change or actualize an entrepreneurial dream.


Launch that idea spinning in your head.

Bring balance to your self-care + self nourishment.

Declutter your space and your mind.

Get a handle on time management.

Increase accountability + action.


Curiosity holds the key to change. It opens the door — many doors – to possibility, creativity, connection and more. Here is a form that may pique your curiosity as you think about what is possible for you in the coming months.Continue reading


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Clients have called me their fairy godmother, loving taskmaster and magician.
I love this work!

We’d known absolutely that today’s meeting would be so positive and it truly was! We feel a burst of energy as we begin working with you, but more importantly, you bring a comforting perspective as you impart essential life lessons.

Be well, guru, and I’ll see you next week!

I’m fine with you saying that you know me and that we’ve been working together. I’m a proud client!

I can’t wait to meet. I turned a corner, just as you predicted. Thank you for believing that I would get here.

…thank you for your gentle suggestion for those of us who “hold a lot between their shoulders and the sky above” – great phrase.

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