Plain and simple: when you shine, we all benefit.

What prevents you from bringing your best self forward?

Is your mind racing with good ideas? Sign on for Entrepreneurial Empowerment. Are you stuck on the roller coaster of health, diet and nutrition? Read more about Eating Responsively. Do you have too much stuff around you? We’ll do virtual decluttering.

I’ve worked with clients in the financial, higher education, legal, creative arts and non-profit sectors, each looking to make personal change or actualize an entrepreneurial dream.

In the spirit of interconnection, we need one another other activated. Call me.


Launch that idea spinning in your head.

Make friends with your health + nutrition.

Declutter your space and your mind.

Get a handle on time management.

Increase accountability + action.

A couple of testimonials. Here are more.

...This was changing a belief, a mindset…And it was thanks to you. I am so grateful for the eye opening session. It might look small, but a mighty change for the long run, and I loved how my day went today.

— A.C – Health Coaching

If you’re unsure as to how to move forward as you work on a short or long term initiative, or if you need a general sounding board, coach, or person to hold you accountable to get things finished, even for small scale projects, I can’t recommend Gari enough as a thought partner and coach to help you get rolling sooner!

— Joey Weisenberg, Rising Song Institute